30 October 2016

Nearly Dark!!!

Well another couple of hours or so and it will be dark. Not that it has been very light here all day with the low cloud, mist and drizzle.
Just the kind of day to be indoors cooking a lovely Sunday lunch which has been eaten and enjoyed by all of us.
I am now baking a coconut cake which will be split and filled with raspberry jam to have with a cuppa while we watch Tutankhamun later tonight.

Andy didn't have a very good night last night as he was very uncomfortable. I won't go into details as that would just be too much information but he was up at 3am having a warm shower which helped a bit and he did eventually get some sleep.
Today he has done some little jobs as he is fed up of sitting now. He prepped the veg for dinner and poopscooped the back lawn for me as I nearly pass out when I have to do it.
I'll be glad when we can take him for a ride out.....hopefully after Tuesday we will be able to.

Once this cake is cooked I am off for a shower and hairwash and the red snowflake PJ's are going on again.

Hope you are all warm and cosy.


  1. I'm sure he'll feel tons better for having the catheter out. I'm chief poop scooper here, not one of my favourite daily jobs at all.

    Enjoy the coconut cake and your programme. It's Poldark for us tonight although I've fallen out with him after what he did to Demelza last week the rotten swine!

    Hope Andy has a better night. xx

  2. Poor Andy, sounds uncomfortable, hopefully he will feel better once the catheter comes out. I am chief cook, bottle washer and poop scooper not one of my favourite duties. I am in my PJs, I didn't bother to get dressed.

  3. Hope Andy feels better soon. I volunteered to go over to my daughter's place and spend the night on Thursday to dog sit while she comes to our town to visit some friends. The one thing I am not looking forward to is picking up dog poo. Gag.

  4. That's the downside to having FREDDIE. Picking up the poo. Retch!! But I always do it. Straight away! I hope Andy has a better day/night and that once Tuesday has happened it'll feel like this lot never happened! I
    Might bake today though I'm a fat as a pig with all the goodies I'm eating! Nothing fits and I refuse to buy bigger!!


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