02 October 2016

Is It Summer Again?!!!

Goodness me....what a difference in the weather today.
Yesterday we were freezing our doo dahs off and it was pouring with rain all day.
Today wall to wall sunshine although a little cool unless you are travelling in a car and then it feels like a sauna.

We've had lunch at the pub which was another part of hubby's birthday present and then DD and I have just got back from a quick nip to The Range to have a look at the Christmas stuff and pick up another couple of rolls of the plain brown Kraft paper which we are going to use to wrap presents in this year.
I'm going to do the same as last year and set up a wrapping station in the attic with everything to hand and storage boxes to put all the wrapped presents in to keep it all neat and tidy.

Loving the new carpet....especially the colour. He left us quite a large offcut and I am thinking of carpeting the bathroom with it as I seriously hate the tiled floor in there. The new towels I bought the other week will clash a bit but hey ho.

Smudge is just having a bit of a beauty treatment. DD is cutting his hair ready for him to have his bath tomorrow. I've found some dandruff in his fur so I've just picked up some new medicated shampoo for him to see if it will cure it.

.....and that's about us for today. No plans to do much else really.
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


  1. Same here with the weather I went out in a jumper this morning and I was roasting.
    Lovely having new carpet, the floors here are all tiled very cold x

  2. Now that's what happens when you pack away the garden furniture! x

  3. I miss the carpet in my bathroom like no other thing in my house ever. It was tiled with large Italian marble esque tiles which were beautiful. One cracked. So up they came and down went a beautiful solid oak panelled floor. I HATE it. I can wipe it over. The dust - it's gross. Five minutes later I can do it again and it's like I never touched it. Carpet might be ugh BC obviously it collects that dust - BUT I CANNOT SEE IT!

  4. The same here and we have packed away most of the garden furniture too.


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