Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Another Day.........!!!

.......pretty much the same as the last few days have been but today it is really cold and we have the fire lit already. We have to have the fire to be able to run the central heating. We do have an immersion heater for hot water but if we want to be warm then we have to have the fire lit.
I have fetched enough coal up to last us for the day so the patient is happy.

Most of my time seems to spent feeding him, making him drinks, washing up, dressing him and emptying his leg bag. I shall be glad when that comes off on Friday.
He was going crazy for some fresh air so last night I took him a short walk up the road. We must have looked, him and the dog. Good job nobody was about.

I'm just about to give him lunch and then I am going to put some chicken to cook in a tomato sauce. We'll have that with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and roasted Charlotte potatoes....yummy.

Well I can hear his belly rumbling from in this back room so I had best go and get him fed.

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  1. I know its extra work but I do love a coal fire, the flames flickering are just so mesmerizing. Glad things are going well. Take care.

  2. Dear Sheila:

    Pleased to hear that you both got out with the dog for a short walk. Doesn't matter what you look like, but important for hubby to walk about a little bit.

    Growing up my mum and dad had to light the fire in order to have hot water but that was quite a few years ago and in time they also got an immersion water heater which really was much more convenient. Not sure how your central heating works but sounds rather complicated or is it common with the houses where you live? Interesting to hear the differences in how homes are heated.

    Take care.


  3. Hi Sandy
    Yes the type of heating we have is common where we live which is an old army base.
    The coal fire heats the water and the central heating in the winter and we have the immersion heater for just heating the water in the spring and summer.
    We are considering changing to oil fuelled heating but I'm not sure I want a huge tank in my garden and then there would be the mess during the changeover which I can't even think about at the moment-x-


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