Thursday, 13 October 2016

Giving Thanks!!!

Thank you so much for all your kind and supportive comments over the last couple of days.....and also the hugs. I appreciate them all.

Hubby and I have been having quite a giggle this morning over the fact that he will be operated on by a robot. I hope it's not a rogue.....have you seen the Will Smith film I,

I am also thankful this morning for this little lot that DD bought home from work last night........

This is my massive mixing bowl and these aren't even all the tomatoes. I think there must be at least eight pounds or more of them. They will be roasted with lots of garlic and red onion and made into a tomato sauce which I will freeze in portions to be used with minced beef for bolognaise sauce.
The chillies and peppers will be chopped and frozen as I don't have an immediate use for them.
These have all been grown in her greenhouses at work and I am so proud of her.

I have woken up actually feeling like I have been to sleep rather than having to haul my slug like ass out of bed and I am ready to tackle something.........I don't know what but I'm ready. It won't be any of the outside jobs as it is thrashing it down with rain so I'll just have a tidy, wash the lunch pots and throw the hoover round and then as the table is clear I think the sewing machine can come out for a bit of a play.
The house feels cold so I am going to light the fire so it's nice and warm for DD who is no doubt out in the rain getting soaked to the skin.
No cooking tonight as DD has invited me out for tea for a treat. It will only be a quick meal at Wetherspoons in town followed by a quick top up shop at either A**a or T***o and then home to snuggle and watch something on tv.......perfect.

Hubby is just going to have a coffee before he goes to work so I think I might join him.

Hope you are all keeping warm and cosy.

PS....mamasmercantile asked for the cornbread recipe and THIS is the one I use. There are lots of recipes out there. This one is quite a sweet one but you can use less sugar and honey if it's too sweet for you. I put a lot less in my second making than I did in the first and it was just as nice.


  1. Goodness a robot op, Thomas would be fascinated to hear that. Hope everything goes OK and that hubby is up and about sooner rather than later. Three months off work is a long time but hopefully he won't get too fed up, especially as he's obviously going to be very well looked after :) xx

  2. Thank you Sheila for the recipe. I haven't got any cornmeal right now but once I have been shopping I will give it a go. In the mean time I have got some cheese scones in the oven to go with our soup. Hope all goes well tomorrow, you will all be in my thoughts.

  3. Never made cornbread...interesting to see the recipe. Lovely bowl of offerings. Very vibrant. Wishing your hubby all the best for his robotic experience. X


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