Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Well I Never!!!

One of those things you never knew you needed until you got one.
When we went for lunch with Ruby and mummy on Sunday I was given this little kitchen gadget which I think is going to become my most loved gadget of all time. Just a very simple measuring cup but a measuring cup with a difference. You can use it with the spout upwards for measuring liquids but the magic for me is to turn it to the way it is standing in the picture. You push the tube down to the measurement you need....such as 6 tablespoons, a cup or whatever of say honey or golden syrup, fill it to the brim and then push the white tube up to eject the contents, scrape off the top of the white tube and hey presto a perfect measurement with no mess. I love it. I will be using it today to bake the mister some of his favourite Coconut and Tropical Fruit biscuits and I will also be making cupcakes for Miss Ruby for when she comes to tea tomorrow. We will have a little birthday tea as I won't see her on Thursday the actual day of her birthday.

It's a beautiful morning here with sunshine and blue skies but very cold. Not enough of a breeze to dry any washing outside so the drier will be going on today. I don't like using it but I don't have the space for having things drying in the house if they don't dry on the line.

I never got into the whole loom band thing when it was all the rage and after having a go at it last night I can see I have sorted out what I will use for the nappy cakes and the rest Ruby can have to play with.

Anyway....I shall go and crank up the oven and get some baking done.
See you tomorrow.
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  1. Baking on a cold day will help to warm your house up. The Pampered Chef Measure All Cup looks good but sometimes gadgets are not what they seem.

    Hugs from the cold Midwest, USA.

  2. Sheila: Sorry - I meant to ask you to give us a review on what you think. Thanks.

  3. Ha! Haha I'm commenting on your blog backwards!!! I have one of these! I LOVE it!


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