Monday, 29 February 2016

Dolly's Got Boots!!!

Dolly's furry boots.
I have spent most of the day so far putting the house to rights after the weekend. Nothing much gets done while the Doodle is in residence so a big clean up on a Monday is usual. Then there is hubby off on an afternoon shift who needs feeding before he goes although today was pretty easy as I had some milk that needed using up on Friday so I used three pints of it to make a huge rice pudding in the slow cooker and there was plenty left so he had that and enjoyed it a lot.

Dolly's boots are finished. I loved making them and have plans to make other different styles although I may remake these and use some interfacing to stiffen the fabric. I could also do with taking in a little more on the seam that goes over the top of the foot. For a first attempt though they aren't too bad and dolly is very pleased to have warm feet. I'm sorry but I couldn't get a decent picture of the back of the boots.They have been finished with eyelets and tie with a cord.

No major cooking today as DD and I are having leftovers from lunch yesterday and I am not in the mood for baking today.

It's cold and dull here so I think the fire can be lit shortly to get the house warm for DD. Once she is in we will settle down with our meal and watch something together but first I have laundry to fold.
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  1. Sheila:

    Your little grand daughter is blessed to have such a talented grandma who makes boots for Dolly.

    I love rice pudding but hadn't thought of making it in the slow cooker. May have to give that a try.

    Hope your headache is now gone.


  2. Lol Sandy. I feel blessed to have a grandaughter with a dolly to make boots for. My daughter was never in to dolls so I never got to do it for her.

    I always do my rice pudding in the slow cooker now since first trying it a couple of years ago. I always used to over cook it in the oven and it was a case of....'how many slices of rice pudding would you like?'

    Yes I am very grateful that the headache has finally gone. Such a relief. Thank you for asking-x-

  3. 6. Could do with a pair of those boots please. Size 4 thanx!! I've never fancied slow cooker rice pud. I always make it in the oven - think my lot would lynch me if there was no skin to be had! I'm loving my backwards trip through your week!!

  4. I'd love a pair of these boots too Rachel. The felt is soooooo soft. Unfortunately it was from a scrap bag and wasn't a huge piece. I might see if I can get some more as they can't be that hard to make in adult size-x-


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