Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Touch Of Frost!!!

What a lovely morning to wake up to. A little frost and bright sunshine. The Midlands have snow predicted for the weekend but as much as I love it I hope it's not enough to disrupt hubby's travel on Sunday. He's not got a lot of patience and it will drive him mad.

My new shopping regime had a slight hiccup this week. Ruby wasn't picked up until 7pm yesterday. Usually we take her home and then go on into town but Daddy was working later last night so it was arranged for her to be picked up. DD and I will go tonight after tea. My job for today is a sort out in the fridge. Any salad will get used up for tonight's meal and any veg that doesn't look too perky will be made into soup and veg hash for the freezer. I'll give it all a good wipe out and then restock it tonight.

We had a lovely evening with Ruby. She was so excited that I made her a birthday cake and of course delighted that she had gifts to open. There were lots of kisses and cuddles. Being a ganma has to be the best thing ever.

Right......I shall go and have a ferret in the freezer to see what we have to with this salad and then get chopping and simmering.
Thanks for your visit today.


  1. That is my favourite dinner, whatever there is with salad/cabbage/pasta/rice.

  2. Oh...salad and I are best buddies at the moment...not sure how I'll fare at the weekend when we're due a chilly blast! x


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