Monday, 8 February 2016

I'm Late!!!

We've had a busy day today which is why I am late blogging. 
We've been to the solicitors to sign our Powers of Attorney then hubby treated me to a late breakfast out at Wetherspoon's. After that we were out in town in the foul weather picking up bits for hubby's suitcase ready for the weekend although we forgot the mosquito spray.
Got home and dried off a bit then lit the fire as I wanted the house warm for DD when she got home as she would have been outside for a good part of the day and despite wearing waterproofs the rain still manages to get inside her clothes. She is home now, changed into her pj's and tummy full of pork casserole so she is happy. 

I had a lovely phonecall today from an old friend that I haven't seen for a good while. She has invited me out for coffee on Friday morning. We are going to the garden centre so I am looking forward to that. It will be great to catch up with her and her sister. We all used to work together at the same pub when I was in catering and we got on like a house on fire.

Not much doing on the crafty front at the moment as I just haven't felt like doing anything. I'm just tidying and sorting which usually gets my mojo fired up again eventually.

The washing up is calling my usual so I had better go and get it done so that everywhere is nice and tidy for when DD and I settle down to watch Call The Midwife. We'll start at 9pm when hubby has gone off to work and watch a couple of episodes with a nice cup of coffee and maybe a biscuit.

Thanks for your visit today.

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  1. This trip is looming very fast now. Enjoy your coffee, you'll have a ball xx


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