Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Safe And Sound!!!

There was a message from hubby yesterday to say 'the eagle has landed' and a further message from his nephew to say that they had arrived and everything went to plan so I am happy now.

Another busy day today with my double duty list. I am going to get done double quick as one parcel of patterns has arrived this morning and I am excited to have a proper look at them once I have finished tidying the dining room. The table is covered in piles of fabric I have been sorting and I can barely see it let alone do anything on it.

I did a tiny bit of crafting last night and made up one of a pair of boots for the doll from a pattern I have. I had to do quite a bit of adjusting so I just made it up in some felt bits I had in my stash before I make a pair in the fabric I want to use.

No cooking to do today as DD and I have decided on beans on toast for tea. I'm not doing much baking this week until Saturday when I will be making cupcakes and a lemon drizzle cake for my daughter in law. She is having a baby shower on Sunday.

Sitting here won't get my jobs finished so I'll get off and get done.
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  1. Sheila:

    Good news "the eagle has landed" - reminder of week will now just fly by.
    Isn't it nice to have a bit of a break from food preparation and I love beans on toast.

    Exciting news about your daughter-in-law and a baby shower. Baby showers for the first baby are quite common here and always a joy to attend but didn't know the custom had been picked up in England. Do you play silly games like they often do here and watch the mum-to-be open gifts and of course eat?


  2. Ooooh yes Sandy I love beans on toast with a nice cuppa tea.

    Baby showers are quite common over here now and I have been told that there will be games. I didn't know that a shower was for a first baby. This is a second baby but you know how young mums are now. If there is a fuss to be made then they want it and they have it. Ruby will enjoy it immensely.

  3. See? I TOLD you he'd be fine!! Mmmm b and on toast - I like mine with a glass of cold milk to drink!


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