Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Cake For Ruby!!!

Not the official birthday cake but it will have candles.
I won't see Ruby tomorrow on her birthday so I thought we'd make a fuss of her tonight when she comes to tea after school.
Strawberry flavoured sponge sandwiched with strawberry jam and topped with strawberry flavoured buttercream and raspberry fudge sprinkles. I will add the candles later as the lid on my cake plate is too low to put them on now.
I always use a recipe from Primrose Bakery for my buttercream but instead of butter I use block Stork margerine which I find takes both colourings and flavourings better and tastes so much nicer.......not quite so sickly.

Feeling a bit weary this morning after being woken in the night by the most horrendous rain storm. It took ages to get back to sleep. Looking out of the window now we have blue skies and sunshine and not a cloud in sight.....actually I have just spotted a couple of clouds lurking behind the trees at the bottom of the road. As long as they don't bring any more rain they can stay where they are.

Just a bit of tidying to do today and a quick hoover round when hubby gets up this afternoon and then I am going to try out a recipe I saw on tv the other day. Pioneer Woman's Three Ingredient Brownies. They are made with Nutella spread, flour and eggs so we'll see how they turn out........I'll let you know. My daughter in law makes the most wonderful brownies but I very rarely make them. They will just be something different for the lunch boxes.

Only four days now until hubby goes off on his travels. I don't envy him the flight........four and a half hours to Istanbul and then ten hours to Johannesburg. I did eight hours to New York and that was more than enough for me. Hubby has done one and a half hours to Cork so I don't know what he will make of it all.

Anyhoo I shall go and get on with my chores after I have taken something for this headache which is not shifting on it's own.
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  1. Yummeeee looking cake...alas none for me unless it's a Sunday! Have a lovely time with your little gem (Ruby) later...for some headaches I find pressing three fingers above inside left ankle...up a bit...really helps...depends what sort of headache it is. Also try pressing fleshy area between thumb and forefinger. x

  2. Ruby is blessed to have you in her life and will love your cake.

    When you make an American recipe do you convert the measurements given in cups to British? Good luck on Ree Drumonds brownies. I often watch her cooking show which is down to earth.

    Having taken quite a few long flights it is always easier if you can catch a few winks sleep. In my opinion it is more difficult to adjust to the time zone flying East to West. I am sure he will be fine.

    Hope your headache is better.

  3. Thanks for the tip regarding headaches Jackie. I will try that.

    Thank you Sandy....we are blessed to have her our lives....we love her so much.
    When I use an American recipe I usually stick to the cup measurements. I like it better than faffing about with scales.


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