Saturday, 27 February 2016


Having so much fun with my Doodle Bird. Lots of giggling and heaps of hugs and kisses for this old ganma who is feeling slightly under par.
The migraine that started last Saturday is still hanging about and I woke up with a humdinger of a headache this morning. It has eased a little but not enough for me to go to the cinema with DD and Doodle. I think The Chipmunks would probably finish me

Very grateful I don't have to cook today thanks to my lovely hubby taking us out for a treat.

Right.....I need to go and give the dog a good talking to. He is barking at absolutely nothing as usual and the noise is going straight through me. He is a little tinker.

Catch you later.


  1. Sheila:

    Best wishes that you enjoy your meal out and that you soon feel better. Headaches are awful.

    Take care.


  2. This headache has been awful Sandy. A lot more painful than my usual migraines so I think I will have a word with the doctor when I go for my annual check up-x-

  3. Hope you had a great meal out and that the headache has gone, there is nothing worse than lingering pain, bless you.

  4. 8. Hmmm, methinks this headache is the start of your poorly sick flu illness :-(
    What did you have for your tea?

  5. Hiya Rachel....we had Chinese food at the Wing Wah buffet. So yummy. Ruby was very enamoured of the chocolate fountain lol-x-


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