Thursday, 25 February 2016

Oh the drama!!!

Ruby is at that stage in her life where her baby teeth are being replaced by lovely shiny big girl teeth. The first baby tooth did it's thing and popped out to make way for the new tooth but this second one............oh my days..........little tooth doesn't want to be shoved out by big tooth which has grown at the back of the little tooth. Little tooth is hanging in there on a thread. One short sharp tug would have it out and awaiting collection by the tooth fairy but Ruby just keeps poking at it along with lots of screaming and crying so last night's teatime visit was very noisy. She did manage to stop crying long enough to polish off some chicken nuggets and a bowl of fruit and jelly but that damn tooth is still hanging in there.

The top up shop didn't go very well last night either. My list consisted of mostly fresh veg but by the time we got to T***o it looked like a plague of locusts had been through and there was nothing left. That means another trip tonight or tomorrow which I could have done without. Luckily I don't need any for tea tonight as I am doing a curry for hubby and DD with chicken and a jar of sauce. I'm afraid I don't make it from scratch as I don't like curry so the quicker I can cook it and get it out of the way the better. I don't know what I will have but there is some salad left from last night which I'm sure I can find something to go with.

Not much to do on the housework front today. A quick tidy up in the kitchen and then I will set to and finish cutting out these patterns. I have one to finish and then two more to do and I will be so glad when they are done.
I think I will have a coffee before I start.
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  1. Oh how well I remember the loose baby tooth saga. I found bribery usually worked. Show them the bribe though, don't just tell them it is on offer. Greedy little eyes like to see the treat. Or tell them you just want to wiggle it to see how loose it really is. :) :-) one quick tug... x

  2. Poor Ruby, lets hope the tooth comes out soon, bless her. Like Cherie I would go for the bribe avenue.


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