Saturday, 20 February 2016

Aren't We A Funny Lot?!!!

One weary traveller safely returned and we are so happy to have him back.
Usually when he is here and under my feet I wish him a thousand miles away so that I can get on but I will never do that again....maybe just wish him over the back fields taking the dog for a walk. I'm sure I'm not on my own with this. We are a funny lot aren't we?
He missed his home cooked meals while he was away and just about inhaled his stir fry last night. Mind you it was very nice if I say so myself. We had it with vegetable spring rolls and sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Another unexciting day today. Food prep, baking for the baby shower tomorrow and laundry.......whoopie doo!!!

My daughter in law is now on maternity leave so we are countdown to baby's arrival. Due date is 24th March but she has a feeling that he or she will make an appearance before then. I am glad she has some time to herself for a while. She works long and very stressful hours in her job.

Well I hope you all have a good weekend. The weather doesn't look too good from where I am sitting though.
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  1. I'm so glad he's home safe and sound. My washer is on the go, I've been shopping. Unexciting too but I love it

  2. Oh me too Rachel.
    DD has nipped out to pick up some bits we need so I didn't have to go out, the washer is doing it's thing. Hubby is upstairs assembling my new bed with DD's help and I am just about to fill the house with the smell of strawberry cupcakes. Bliss-x-

  3. Sheila:

    Another unexciting day today - must say I am so happy with a day as you describe. Both hubby and I have had the bug that is going around here and neither one of us is back to 100%. As we get older I think we begin to appreciate normal every day activities.

    How nice that your daughter-in-law gets a little time off from work before the baby arrives. Here young women seem to work right up to delivery and go back to work 6 weeks following the birth.

    Enjoy the baby shower. Your baking sounds lovely.


  4. I'm happy with my unexciting day too Sandy. It's been lovely with just hubby, DD and myself all getting jobs done. One of my brothers in law picked up something on the plane yesterday and was full of some kind of icky bug when he got back here. Today my nose is feeling sore and my eyes are a bit sensitive to light....if he has passed it on to me he will wish he had stayed in South Africa I can tell
    I think DDIL shouldn't have finished for another couple of weeks but she had accrued some holiday and toil time which she would have lost. Not sure when or if she is going back. Ruby was nine months old before she went back.-x-

  5. I have Francesca, my almost daughter, here for the weekend, we have lolled around and watched some telly. Ben has been out for a couple of paddles and spent the rest of the time snuggled up to one of us. Most uneventful and all the better for it. I hope for a repeat tomorrow.

  6. I would love a repeat tomorrow Pam and spend a bit of quality time with hubby but I have to go to the baby shower. I'm only stopping for an hour or so though as we will be having a proper Sunday dinner tomorrow for hubby.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend-x-


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