Monday, 22 February 2016

It's A Lovely Day Today!!!

........or so far anyway. Blue sky and a bit of sunshine but very cold.......and ten minutes after I post this you can bet it will be thrashing it down with rain because I want to go out and have a bit of a tidy in the garden.
Oh well plenty of jobs to be doing indoors today including getting back into the swing of cooking for hubby. Today will be meatball stew as he has asked for it. I'll use a whole bag of meatballs and put some portions by for him and DD to take to work. I've also been asked to do another batch of the lemon meringue cupcakes as we didn't get any but I may leave those until later in the week.

Once I have some time to myself later I will carry on preparing the new doll clothes patterns. I cut all of the pattern pieces and store them in plastic CD covers inside an A5 folder along with the pattern envelope and instruction sheet which makes it easier to find which pattern pieces I need. Five are done and I have another five to go.

Miss Doodle will be coming on Friday afternoon for the weekend. We are off to Derby on Saturday to see if we can find any faux leather, faux suede and pvc to add to our collection of fabrics for the doll. I'm sure we will find something as Derby market is brilliant for fabrics.

Right......I will go and start my day properly now (I have been up for a couple of hours or so but have had a shower and a coffee....anything to delay the
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Dear Sheila:

    A cold but clear day here and I am enjoying my second cup of tea of the day. It is early morning here due to the time change.

    I like the sound of meat ball stew something new to me. I'd love to have your recipe and give it a go rather than blindly looking on the internet.

    Hope you were able to get the jobs done in the garden.


  2. Hi Sandy
    For the meat ball stew I use one whole bag of Ikea meatballs (or you could make your own from minced beef or pork or a mixture of both)
    Thickly sliced carrots
    Sliced leeks or onions
    Peeled waxy new potatoes (I think in the US you might have fingerlings which would do)
    and I cut them into even sized chunks.
    Two and a half pints of stock (I use pork stock
    One teaspoon dried thyme
    One teaspoon celery salt
    Two teaspoons dried parsley
    Black pepper

    For Ikea meatballs I bake them on a rack in a hot oven for ten minutes to release some of the fat.
    Saute the leek or onion in a little oil until soft then add the herbs and seasonings.
    Add the potatoes, carrots and stock and simmer until veg are tender.
    Thicken the gravy (I use gravy granules to add a little more flavour)
    Check seasoning and add more if needed.
    Serve in bowls with a good chunk of crusty bread and a spoonful of Ikea lingonberry jam.

    Using a whole bag of meatballs gives me enough for our evening meal and then four or five portions to keep in the fridge or freezer for lunches.

    Hope you try it and enjoy it-x-

  3. Thanks for taking the time to share. I will definitely give this a go.


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