Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Clean And Nearly Clutter Free!!!

Spending £30 on that cupboard yesterday plus a little sorting out this morning means I now have a lovely clean and nearly clutter free bottom end of the kitchen. What was utter chaos is now neat and tidy and it will be so much easier to keep it that way.
I am chuffed to little mintballs....odd saying but very

So while I have been sorting and tidying in the house my lovely hubby has relieved me of a job on my list and neatened up the edge of the lawn along the path. He has also cleaned and refilled all the bird feeders and we are now inundated with squabbly starlings who are not giving any other birds a look in. There are hundreds of them......very Alfred Hitchcock out there.

Ruby will be here within the hour and we have a very simple tea planned to use up some part bags of chicken strips and chicken nuggets with a bowl of salad and some crusty bread. She will be one happy bunny. She loves chicken.

I'll need to do a top up shop tonight as we are nearly out of salad and veg. I've missed out my Wednesday fridge sort and clean this morning as I have been doing other things but it will get done tomorrow.

Just need a quick tidy up of the kitchen now before my princess gets here and the whole of downstairs is done and dusted for today.

Hope you are all having the kind of day you want today.

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