Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A Bit Of Glam!!!

Ruby wanted to paint her nails today. We ended up with full on glam with holographic tips and super shiny gems. It didn't last long before the tips were picked off followed by the gems.
I hope Mummy has some polish remover when we pop by for a visit tomorrow evening.

I have been teaching her French Knitting today. We tried it last year but I think she was a bit young. This year she has cracked it as long as I hold the dolly. We are hoping to make coasters for Mummy and Daddy.

These days full of love, kisses cuddles and laughter are just what I need right now.

Thanks for popping by.


  1. Look at those little chubby hands! So adorable! At first I thought you said you were teaching her French! I was v impressed! Still v impressed at the French knitting!

  2. Rachel....she is already learning French at school believe it or not-x-

  3. I know they are! We teach it young!!


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