Thursday, 18 August 2016

Quick, Quick, Quick!!!

Just a quick post today.
I have taken advantage of DD being at home and we have been out since 10:30am doing a big shop going to all the shops that I can't usually do unless there is someone here to take me.
So veg from the farm shop, Lidl for a few things, B&M for household cleaners etc, Poundland for tissues and Asda for groceries....all with a short stop for a light lunch and just back home at nearly 4pm.
We are shattered.
All put away now so we are going to flomp on the sofa and finish season six of 24.
Tara for now.


  1. Put your feet up and have a nice cup of tea...

  2. I will be shopping tomorrow, thankfully all the shops that I use are close together. I plan on only being gone for 90 minutes at the very most. I had to flop on the sofa after a housework day, dinner was left overs.


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