Friday, 26 August 2016

Daft Weather!!!

We had torrential rain nearly all day yesterday but this morning we have bright sunshine with a chilly little breeze. I have to hope that it stays like this now until Sunday to dry out the lawn else we will be either wearing wellies for our party or having it indoors.

Hubby has just gone off to Derby Hospital for his post biopsy check up and then he has to wait until September 16th for his results. I will be so glad when we know whether we have to deal with anything or not.

The chicken I made for tea last night was a huge hit so I will definitely be making that again. I had never used sun dried tomatoes before but they will become a store cupboard staple now along with a jar of chargrilled peppers.
No cooking tonight as hubbby is treating us to fish and chips. He just fancied them and who am I to argue when it gives me a night off.......although I do have to make a blackberry pie for him with some berries he collected the other day.

Not a lot to do today. Everywhere is clean and tidy apart from some carrot crumbs to hoover up but I might do some laundry today instead of tomorrow so that it can be hung out......just in case we are back to rain again.
I just have the hem to do on my dress now. Not my most favourite part if I am honest. It has to be done by hand rather than machine as it is a flared dress and has to be eased in. It's a long way round the bottom of it so it could take some time.

Right....I am off to start my day with a cup of tea and some toast as I didn't want breakfast when I first got up.
Hope you all have a fab day.



  1. We have sun forecast for the whole weekend, I hope it happens. I am up to date on cleaning and washing so hope to get the waistcoat back finished and the fronts started. When I have to sew a flared hem I overlock and then press just that section up and machine using a straight stitch or the blind hem stitch, I use lots of steam to help ease the fullness in.

  2. Oooh....hope we get the sun too then.
    Thanks for the tip regarding the hem. I will have to give that a go-x-

  3. A mix of weather here for the weekend, fingers crossed its ok as I want to make the most of the car boots before they finish.
    We had a day out the other day and had fish & chips it was a lovely treat.
    Hope weather is good for your garden party x

  4. Fingers crossed that the weather holds for your party it has forecast rain on Sunday for here. Fish and chips sound good, we have them every time we have visitors, a trip to the seaside means fish and chips.

  5. Good luck for your hubby X I really fancied SPAG Bol tonight but froze the mince so it's pork chops instead! I'm off fish n chips for a while as I stuffed my face with them on holiday!

  6. Agree about must have a cup of tea to start the day. Now that I am retired I play on the computer for a little bit, drinking my tea before I have my breakfast which is nearly always porridge with poached egg on toast.

    I do hope the weather is good for your party. Please take lots of photos of your food etc. to share with your blog readers.

    Oh I love blackberries in a pie served with hot custard! Do hope the results from the recent tests your hubby had are good.

  7. I really hope all goes well for hubby. Why is it hems on trousers and skirts seem to grow and grow when you are sewing them! Jane xx


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