Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My Name Is Sheila........!!!

.........and I am a

We went to the garden centre to get some bark.....none to be had except for two badly split bags with half the contents this is what I came home with.......
 The contents of two scrap bags which are just perfect to make Smudge dog his very own little snuggle quilt.
 A selection of fabrics for a sofa quilt for DS and DDIL.
 An Advent calendar for Miss Marlowe.
I also picked up a pack of TrueGrips.....non-slip adhesive rings to put on the back of my 24 inch long ruler and two metres of my favourite batting.
There was so much gorgeous fabric. I could have gone completely mad. I filled another loyalty card so that means I can have £20 worth of free goodies next time I go. Looking at the piles of fabric I think I had better stock up on machine

Hubby is going back to work today so it's just DD and I for tea and it will definitely be salad with something......probably just a simple cheese salad with a crusty roll. We will be complete slobs and eat while watching more 24.

The solar lights looked amazing on the tree last night but I couldn't get a decent picture of them unfortunately. We had thought that the lights would be the final touch but hubby thought differently......he hid a comedy snail in one of the pots which had DD and I in hysterics. It's flippin' horrible but it will stay.

Back into the routine of having to feed hubby before he goes to work so I will go and put the oven on to warm up the pasty he is having today. He wants chips and beans with it so that is what he is getting.

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  1. Impressive haul of beautiful fabrics, your sewing machine is going to be on fire with all that sewing planned. We have some horrible garden ornaments that the Grandchildren love to give us, so they stay too. St least we can laugh about them.

  2. Sounds like a perfect trip to me. I have some new fabric to share later, it is for an order so I do not feel a smidgeon of guilt. I am off to deb's wool shop this afternoon with a load of bags and things, she wants them for her stall at the show this weekend. The unsold ones will go into her shop, she so rightly figured that the more she has to offer, the more people will go into the shop. I don't mind in the slightest, the more sewing the merrier. I wouldn't mind a scary snail in my garden, as long as it scared the real ones away.

  3. Hi Shelia enjoy your crafting, we watched all the 24 on Netflix it is so addictive, we are currently watching House, I do love Netflix.
    Would love to see some more garden pics xx

  4. love the doggy fabric, I was only thinking today about doggy themed fabric.


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