Saturday, 6 August 2016

Feeling Me Age!!!

After a good four or five hours out with DDIL yesterday followed by the food shopping last night and carrying heavy bags I am feeling every one of my fifty nine years this
My back and shoulders ache and my legs feel like they've been smashed with a cricket bat so my catch up clean is going rather slowly.....doing a bit and then having a sit down. It may not all get done today.
I have washed one load of the new towels and the other is in now then I will need to have a sort out in the airing cupboard and see what can go to the vets before I can stack the new stuff in there.

Sweet and sour sticky meatballs for tea tonight but we are trying the chicken ones for a change. They'll be lovely with some salad and a crusty roll.

We have a date set now for the American Diner style garden party which will be the last Sunday in August at 4pm. DD and I have made a start on planning the menu and gathering the accessories. I absolutely love doing themed parties and finding or making all the bits we need for it and hopefully making lovely memories for Ruby. She still talks about her Frozen birthday party now....bless her.

Talking of Ruby.....apparently she has picked a most stunning princess dress to wear when she is a flower girl later this month. Both Daddy and I have asked not to see either a photo of her or the actual dress until the day of the wedding when she has had her hair done and we can see the full effect. The only thing I do know is that once the bride, bridesmaids and flower girl can relax for the evening they are going to be changing out of heels and posh shoes into Converse and Ruby has bubblegum pink ones. She will be stoked with them.

Right.....I'll go and do a little bit more. Tidying is done and I just need to polish and hoover now.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.


  1. Put your feet up and have a well earned rest. Lily wore converse at our wedding too, but for the whole day. So cute with frilly socks. X

  2. Planning a party what fun. I can't think of anything better. I hope you will share how it all goes. Have a rest now after your busy day. Jane xx

  3. I know that feeling, after yesterday both Gerard and I are exhausted. How exciting for Ruby to be a bridesmaid, I hope we are able to see the dress.

  4. I bet Ruby will look beautiful. There's something so cute about little bridesmaids. Oh yes, you definitely need to be able to kick your shoes off at a wedding. You can judge a good wedding by how many ladies end up not wearing shoes on the dance floor :) xx


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