20 August 2016

It's The Weekend!!!

Today my gorgeous Ruby will be fulfilling her duties as a flower girl. I hope she has a wonderful day and I can't wait to see the pics that DDIL has promised to send me later.

We are having a busy day here at Tea Towel Mansion. I am doing laundry and hubby is putting in new washing line posts as the apricot tree will no longer take the weight of a line of I discovered recently.
DD has nipped into big town this morning and when she gets back I expect she will be out in the garden if the rain stays off as she wants to put the new Agapanthus into the pot we got the other day.
Once all the jobs are done we will all be doing our own thing until we go out for tea tonight.....another treat for her Dad and I from DD. She is such a lovely daughter.

While I am typing I can see down the road that one of the trees is already turning yellow and shedding it's leaves. Although it is still quite warm it does feel quite Autumny this morning.
I was glad of the rain yesterday though for all of the new plants in the garden. They all look properly bedded in now that we have had a good downpour.

Right.....I'll go and pop another load in the washer and put the kettle on for coffee. I expect hubby could do with one as he is working out in the drizzly rain digging away in our heavy clay soil.

Hope you're all having a good weekend.


  1. Hi Shelia, hope Ruby has a fab day, it certainly feels Autumnal here, pouring down, have a great weekend x

  2. Exciting times for Ruby, hope all goes well. A little shower here today but not a lot of rain. Hope you enjoy your meal out, you are blessed with a generous daughter.

  3. He he!! Has the weight of your washing increased or the tree just got past it?! Hope Ruby had a truly memorable day. x


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