Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A Bit Behind!!!

Late posting today as I have been out and about all morning with hubby.
We went back to the farm shop as hubby wanted some more of the George Stafford black pudding which we bought last week. Wierdly the deli manager denied all knowledge of them stocking it but I know damn well that the label on the display definitely said it was George Stafford and hubby got rather excited because he grew up eating that particular product as George Stafford was a butcher in the village where he lived. Unfortunately the gentleman has passed away but there is a place that still makes it to his recipe.
We'll go back again some time and see what is said.
So we just made a few small purchases and then travelled back to little town for coffee and a look round the charity shops. I am on my last book and needed to stock up. I managed to get four and then also picked one up from T***o and I picked up two DVD's for 50p is a family tree programme for the PC and the other a Catherine Cookson film of The Dwelling Place for a nice Sunday afternoon watch.
We also had a look in the YMCA shop as we are looking for a coffee table. No luck but we did see a useful cupboard for the kitchen....came home and discussed and now he has gone back to get it if it hasn't gone.
Back home and I have just put a homemade spag bol sauce on to simmer for tea. Hubby has walked Smudge and cleaned the difficult windows for me.

Tomorrow Ruby will be here for the afternoon and then Thursday hubby has to go to the hospital for his pre op before he goes in for his biopsy the following Monday. He's made a bit of a cock up as DD is supposed to be taking him to the hospital early in the morning and then fetching him back as he's not allowed to drive after but he's only gone and booked her car in for a service and MOT on the same day. So....she has to drop him off at the hospital and get back to take her car in for 8:30am and somehow get home from little town (diabolical bus service) and back in again later in the day to pick the car up. Oooooh I could slap him sometimes.
It's all fun here at Tea Towel

Hope it's bright and sunny where you are.

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  1. It is amazing how some shops have no idea of their stock. As for the car business, it is just a man thing, no logic gene.


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