14 August 2016

Looking Fuller!!!

A few more pots and some bargain white pansies have filled this border out a bit.

Chickens on a stick.

The mad Hypericum which will be coming out in the autumn.
DD had a good spell out in the garden yesterday and managed to fit in all the new containers and plants so the borders are looking fuller and more colourful now although there are still a few places that things could be tucked to fill it out a bit more.
Next year we will be working on the other side of the garden which is going to be a paved area for the garden furniture and barbecue and we are hoping to dig up the lawn, improve the ground and replace it with some new turf. It's not a huge area.
The mad Hypericum will be coming out and we will try to raise that area so that anything we put there gets a little more light. We are thinking a gravel bed with pots but we'll see when the time comes.
Eventually we will have a lovely garden worth sitting out in.

I've done very well with my using up mission for the freezers. This weekend I have used a bag of chicken breasts....three for chargrilled chicken last night and the two for a chicken and leek pie for in the week. Today I have used a bag of lamb leg steaks, a tub of white sauce and a tub of lamb gravy so the contents are going down and we have quite a bit of space in both of them now. I will condense everything down into one when it will all fit and clean one of them out then swap over and clean the other.

Poor hubby is a little subdued today. He is not looking forward to his time in hospital tomorrow. He's not so worried about the procedure I don't think but the fact that he doesn't know if he will be able to come home tomorrow......and more importantly if he will get fed. 
I'll just be glad when it's over and we have the results...good or bad so that we know what we are dealing with.

Right....lunch is smelling delicious and it will soon be time to serve it up so I'll go and put the plates to warm.

Thanks for dropping by today.


  1. Good luck to DH tomorrow-it's never easywhen loved ones are having health issues. Catriona

  2. The garden is looking lovely, I loved the chickens on sticks such fun. Hope all goes well tomorrow.

  3. Your garden is beautiful and all the hard work put into it shows.
    May I wish your husband all the very best for tomorrow and look after yourself too.
    I love your blog and would like to say thank you.
    Best wishes Wandaxx

  4. Awww Wanda....thank you so much-x-

  5. Love your garden, I have just followed your blog, and going to start at the beginning .
    Best Wishes
    Marlene xx

  6. Thank you Marlene.
    You may find the early years of my blog a bit boring as it was mostly my life as a cardmaking tutor/demonstrator-x-


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