29 August 2016

......And A Good Time Was Had By All!!!

Grab a box
Burgers, corn on the cob and American potato bites with chilli cheese and smokey barbecue dressing.
Fancy a Hot Dog? Plain potatoes for Ruby.
The perfect burger additions.
All that's left of desserts....sorry.
I am so glad that we went ahead with our party yesterday. It was a lovely, lovely afternoon.
The weather played ball so that we could have it out in the garden.
The company was fabulous and to top it all we had a superstar guest......Ruby dressed as Wonder Woman which was so perfect for the theme.
After eating we roasted marshmallows over the fire pit and squidged them between chocolate digestive biscuits.....not strictly proper S'Mores but pretty damn nice all the same. Ruby thought it was great fun.
We stayed out until just after 7pm and then DS and DDIL made their way home with two very sleepy little girls.
I want to do it again........soon.

Ruby will be back here later for the start of her week long sleepover and I can't wait.
At hubby's request we are having a roast lunch to use up some more chicken breasts from the freezer although we won't have it until tea time as DD is at work until 3pm.
So I just have to prepare the meal, change the bed and tidy up the bedroom. I'd better do some laundry too......mmmmm so much for a lazy Bank Holiday

Hope you are all enjoying your Bank Holiday.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Good to hear you enjoyed your party...especially good that the weather was nice as Sonshine who lives not too far from you was moving his shed yesterday! x

  2. I was chuffed to bits that the weather was nice Jackie and glad your Sonshine was able to move his shed without getting wet-x-

  3. I have to laugh at what Brits call"American food".....what are potato bites?
    And the corn on the cob MUST be fresh from the field..preferably Silver Queen or the bi- color...
    Writing from the US , where I was born and raised.....

  4. Sheila:

    Oh my you all did enjoy a beautiful day and a feast. Your serving pieces to keep your food warm are really nice. Do you use them often? I think I may have to have a look into those.
    Pleased to see that I am not the only grandma who would make some plain potatoes for the little ones.

    I think you are in for a fabulous week with your granddaughter. Take care dear friend.


  5. Hi Lynda....I am always glad if I can give someone a laugh.

    Hi Sandy....Yes I use my food warmers a lot when we all get together. I have really had my moneys worth out of them. I am at the moment trying to find some replacement lids for both of them as the ones provided were only plastic and they have warped and cracked a little.
    In our house they are called Ganma's Doo Dah's as when I first got them I was telling DDIL about them and couldn't think for the life of me what they were called (a senior moment) now whenever we get together I am always asked 'will you be getting your doo dah's out' which makes us all laugh-x-

  6. Glad you had a nice time, looks amazing, only wish I lived nearer xx

  7. I would call that an American party, not that it matters what you call it, as long as you have it.
    I have had US food that was sublime and also some that was dire, the same with any cuisine. So gald that you had sun, we had rain, rain and a little more rain on the side.

  8. Hi was great fun and certainly cheered us all up after the bad news on Friday.
    I'd love to be able to send you some of this sun we have here today-x-

  9. What a fantastic job you have done Sheila. I'm so glad it went well for you and your lovely family. You deserve it after all your hard work. Jane xx

  10. Sounds like a fab party was had by all! I made roast chicken dinner yesterday thinking it was Sunday! I'm all too to from with my days!


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