Sunday, 7 August 2016

Another Mission!!!

Happy sunny Sunday everyone.

I am on another mission to use up everything in the freezers so that they can both be cleaned out ready for Christmas (sorry for using that word) so today I am using a large piece of beef which hubby picked up for half price. Half will be used for our lunch today with some left for sandwiches and the other half will be sliced into some gravy and will go back into the freezer. I'll also make some extra yorkshire puddings to be frozen and that will be another Sunday lunch to use up in a couple of weeks all ready to go without having the oven on for hours.
Another mission will be to stop hubby picking up random pieces of meat so that I can actually get the freezers completely empty.

We are having a day at home today except for DD who has gone for a ride to the garden centre to look for some plants for the garden. We need to fill in some bare spaces.
The cleaning is all done and there will just be the kitchen to tidy after lunch so I might sneak in a bit of sewing today before we settle down later to watch some more 24.

Ruby will be back from her London holiday today. I'll see her Wednesday when she comes for her tea and I can't wait for my cuddles.

Hubby will be back with the papers shortly so we'll have a coffee and a read of those before the roast potatoes need to go in.
I love me a good lazy Sunday.
Hope yours is relaxing too.


  1. Mine has definitely been lazy the feet have been firmly up most of the day.

  2. Bet you can't wait to see Ruby can you :) I meant to ask is the American themed party a special celebration or just because? xx


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