02 August 2016

Day No 1....Disaster No 1!!!

Yesterday was day one of hubby's annual leave and the first disaster of many to come over the next two
I love him to bits....I really do. He is kind, funny, generous and loving but put a tool of any kind in his hand and he grows horns and turns into a one man demolition team. Take yesterday.....he was putting a trim along the roofline of his shed and his hammer shot out of his hand and shattered my glass garden table. I could do nothing but laugh hysterically when really I wanted to cry.
The boy did good though and went off to town to replace said table and came back with a whole new suite of table, benches and chairs as it was cheaper than replacing just the table. Good job as I have an American diner style garden party planned for a weekend before Ruby goes back to school.

This morning we have been out together for the first time in ages to visit Denstone Hall Farm Shop and Cafe. Oh boy what a fabulous place. We bought some meat for the freezer and a few other bits. We didn't visit the cafe this time as hubby wanted to take me to a fairly new coffee shop in little town but next time we go.....and there will be many next times.....we will time it so that we can have lunch there.
A visit to Wilko bagged me a bargain roll of New York themed Fablon which I can use to make things for the garden party. It had been reduced to £2.
Tomorrow I have agreed to go clay pigeon shooting with him and Thursday we are taking Smudgie for a good walk around Carsington permitting.

All I have to cook tonight is a pan of new potatoes to go with some salad and cold meat and there aren't many jobs on the housework list......and what there are can be ignored for a couple of days while I spend some much needed relaxing time with my hubby.

Hope you are all having a lovely day today.


  1. Poor man, but it did make me smile. Enjoy your quality time together.

  2. Like they say every cloud has a silver lining, Enjoy you next few days out together :-)

  3. Oh my goodness....and you're going clay shooting tomorrow?! Be careful. x

  4. I have been clay shooting, not a wonderful day out for me but better than fishing. My hubby was always happy to wander round fabric and yarn shops so it was only right that I spent time doing his things. We tried archery one year, great fun but it ripped my fingers to bits. Enjoy your days together.


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