Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Before & After!!!

When hubby was putting in the new washing line posts on Saturday I told him it was OK to chop a bit off the side of the Mad Hypericum if it was in his way as it would eventually be coming out anyway.
So I took him a drink out later and the Hypericum was gone completely. I had wanted to wait until later in the year because I loved to cut the stems of berries to add to vases of flowers but he looked so chuffed with himself that I couldn't say anything......and it was too late
He asked me what I wanted doing in that space and the next thing I knew he and DD had disappeared to the garden centre and so we have gone from this..... this

I can't believe the difference It looks so light and bright.
It's never been a very good area for growing much as it doesn't get much sun and is very wet there.
More pots will be added gradually but I will put my foot down about any more DD saw it at the garden centre and fell in love with it. He has been named Hades.....Guardian of the Garden.
Apart from the lawn this side of the garden is now looking lovely.

So much for my mission to empty the freezers.
Yesterday I used up a bag of meatballs and a pack of large sausages and have ended up putting back four boxes of sausages in onion gravy and a box of meatballs in gravy......although I have taken out a container of leftover roast beef in gravy and one of just gravy for tea tonight and later I will take out a bag of leftover yorkshire puddings. I have a feeling this is going to take me longer than anticipated.

Today I have a little laundry to finish and I will be able to hang it out on the line without wondering if the apricot tree is going to come crashing down on my
There is a small amount of ironing to do and the kitchen floor to sweep and wash then hopefully I can crack on with finishing my dress and make a start on whittling down the list of sewing projects.
First though is that all important cup of coffee.

Have a lovely day....whatever you are doing.


  1. I like the garden area, simple and very neat. I must tackle the freezer, but I do the same as you x

  2. Isn't it lovely to see your garden coming along so nicely and no worries about hanging out your washing. It must feel like a new garden.

    Since there is only hubby and me at home now we only have the freezer on the top of the fridge but it seems to work out alright. I don't miss the huge big freezer we had when the children were growing up.

    I always have my one cup of coffee (elevenses i.e. half hot milk and water) of the day at 11:00 am (you can take the girl out of England but you can't take England out of the girl) Old habits!

  3. You are certainly making some beautiful changes to the garden, it looks wonderful. My freezer certainly needs a good sort out too, like you I think it is going to take some time.

  4. Thank you ladies. I am loving my new garden.

    Sandy....I would love to do without my second freezer to be honest but the one I have inside is an American style side by side and the freezer is not really very big. It's full height but very narrow and doesn't hold much.

  5. When I saw the photo of the hypercium I immediately thought, oh what a shame to have got rid of it, but then I scrolled down and saw the 'after' photo and I completely changed my mind. Your new area looks lovely and definitely lighter. I think Hades is a great addition. xx

  6. It's a great transformation! I love the dragon too. More I say! I love how me n my little circle of bloggers seem to be obsessed with 'emptying the freezer n using up what's in there' I love it! I've just stocked mine up so will be in using up mode in a few weeks!


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