Saturday, 13 August 2016

Out And About....Again!!!

Up early, showered and out the door this morning as DD wanted to get to Trentham Gardens before all the parking spaces had gone near to the garden centre as she knew we would be buying plants.
We had a lovely slow walk round looking at everything but only buying what we had gone for.....and we got some lovely stuff including bargains of reduced bedding and a Sedum from the clearance corner.
No room in the car for the compost so we went home to clear the car and then nipped up to our local garden centre for that.
Home now and I am shattered. It was so hot out there today and that is what does me in so I am inside by the fan and DD is sorting out all her garden goodies and deciding where everything is going. It's going to look gorgeous when she has finished.

All I am fit for now is cooking tea......chargrilled chicken and salad today....and then another session of 24 tonight followed by a cool shower and bed.
That will be my Saturday done and dusted.
Hope yours has been fabulous too.


  1. Trip to Carmarthen this morning, ferried a passenger to the dentist and back. A morning wasted, although I did take my knitting along. I am staying away from plants, I want to make some changes later in the year and have several plants waiting in the wings.

  2. Spent most of the day washing, ironing and cleaning. I intend to put my feet up all day today.


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