08 August 2016

Look What She Did!!!

As I said yesterday....DD went for a ride out to the garden centre to pick up some plants to fill in some gaps in the garden......and look what she did for me.......

This border was totally empty.

Nothing grows very well at the base of the dead apricot tree so the pot was a very inspired idea. She bought three new pots and found others we had lying about.

Some new plants to fill in some more gaps with space left for some winter bedding.
 I think it looks fabulous compared to what it was before. Just need to decide if we are keeping the floppy jasmine. It has flowers that you need a microscope to see. We might just trim the top off and see if it will bush out more.
Thanks so much my wonderful DD.

Suzanne at Life At Number 38   has asked if our American themed party is for a special Suzanne just a family get together with me being clever enough to get out of cooking a roast

Quite a few jobs to be done this morning. The airing cupboard is still on the list and I also want to sort my wardrobe out. Hubby wanted to go for a ride out but I would rather get my jobs done today so that we can go out tomorrow.
Tea will be quiche (need to make that) and salad for DD and I...his nibs is having roast belly pork with salad.

.......and that's me for today. I'm just finishing my coffee and then I am off to do battle with that airing cupboard.

Have a lovely day.


  1. I am going through the house like a whirling Dervish, and loving the looking back and seeing gleam rather than grime. The garden beds look great, I use a few pots herewith a heavy layer of grease round the base, it does not show but does a good job of stopping the slugs.

  2. The garden looks great Sheila. Like Alan Titchmarsh has popped by!

  3. What a lovely thing for your daughter to do. The pots and plants look really nice. It's lovely to have a get together 'just because' isn't it. I can't go out if I have a specific job to do. Only when it's done can I go out and enjoy myself. Nothing worse than coming home and having a job still waiting for you. Of course Mark doesn't understand this at all, mainly because when he's 'done the driving' his task is over while I've still got loads to do. I'm sure it's the same in a lot of households. xx

  4. Hey Suzanne....yes we love our family get togethers....even more so now we have the grandchildren.
    Men don't understand much at all I don't think. Andy certainly doesn't get that it's him on holiday not me and I have to catch up with everything. The only time I get a holiday is when we go away and I haven't been away since December 2013 when I went to New York-x-

  5. You are blessed with a wonderful daughter, she did a great job of the garden. How thoughtful. My airing cupboard could do with a good sort out, a job for next week when all the visitors have gone.


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