Thursday, 4 August 2016

Carsington Water!!!

We call this area the beach.

Smudge enjoying the view.

Hubby (in the white shirt) had the ducks eating out of his hand.

The rain clouds rolling in.
It was a beautiful morning when we set off. Sunny with a good stiff breeze to cool us down. We had a good walk around the reservoir which Smudge enjoyed so much.
Normally we would take a picnic with us but hubby said it was a holiday outing and we would eat at the pub....we got there just as those black clouds unleashed their rain in spectacular fashion.
We spent nearly two hours in backed up traffic on the way home due to a lorry overturning on the Ashbourne road. We couldn't turn around to go another way home so Smudge and his Dad snoozed and I read a paper so we have only just got in at 4pm.

I only have to get a meal for DD and if hubby or I need anything later we will have a sandwich.
For now all I need is a cuppa.

Out again in the morning to Ikea. I have a bit of money I can spend  but I honestly can't think of anything I need so the money will probably stay my purse.
After all these days out I have got behind with the housework but nothing that can't be caught up with at the weekend.

Hope you are all having a great day.


  1. Haven't been here for years, used to go to the farm shop at chats worth potter round Matlock then toddle off and picnic here...the good old

  2. We were talking about going to Chatsworth farm shop and garden centre next week Kate-x-

  3. Looks like a great beach. Shame about the traffic getting home, still it wouldn't be a holiday without a traffic jam.


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