Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Back In One Piece!!!

I am glad to report that I am back in one piece after a morning of clay pigeon shooting although our stand was a bit tight for space and I had to stand almost directly behind hubby so kept getting hit by the empty shell cases. Also the wind was quite strong and I took a couple of pieces of shattered clays to the head but it didn't hurt.
For saying we haven't been for a while hubby was quite good.

We've been into town too as we wanted to pick up a cast iron fire pit for the garden from B&M. I looked at them a couple of days ago and they were still full price but we scored this morning and the one we wanted was reduced by £15.
Home now and hubby is making us a bacon sandwich for lunch.

Off out again tomorrow to Carsington if the weather is nice and then Friday I have had an invite from DDIL to go for a ride to Ikea with her and Marlowe which will give hubby a bit of peace from my
I'll probably be back out tonight to do a bit of food shopping with DD. I don't do food shopping with hubby as I end up with all sorts in my trolley and spend twice as much.

Ooooh......bacon sarnie and a cuppa is ready so I'll go and eat.
Have a fabulous day.


  1. I have managed to avoid Ikea, just do a little online shopping, a visit to the store would bring out the worst in me, I can not abide crowds and the walking for miles. We have a huge B&Q in Swansea but I avoid it like the plague and visit the smaller branches.

  2. I have never been clay shooting but it certainly sounds like fun.

  3. Its amazing what bargains you can get from B & M , Like i said my day bed was only £69 and much nicer than any others i had seen wich were a lot more expensive xxx


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