Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Happiness Is!!!

Waking up to the smiling face of my gorgeous's wonderful.

Today so far we have emptied her wompy twopy tin and counted the coins into bags ready for the bank. She'll need a wheelbarrow....£15 in 1p's and 2p's weighs a heck of a lot.
We have made the lavender bunches. It's a bit past it's best but she really enjoyed doing it.
For the rest she has been playing with her dolls and just chilling out until we pop out later on the hunt for a little china tea set so that she can play picnics with her dolls and pick up the popcorn that naughty Ganma forgot to get.

Tomorrow the craft box is coming out for a making session....of what I do not know but I'm sure Ruby will be full of ideas.

Posts this week will probably be later in the day once Aunty DD is home and they get chattering and giggling.

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely sunny day.


  1. What a lovely cheery post Sheila! Can't wait to see what the two of you make tmrw X

  2. What a lovely day Sheila. I hope you found the tea set. Jane xx


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