Friday, 5 August 2016

A Gentle Stroll!!!

......well as much as you can have a gentle stroll around Ikea.
Having said that it wasn't that bad actually and we did manage to get a seat in the restaurant for a coffee.
Lots of time drooling over the kitchen displays and looking for ideas for a bedroom for Marlowe when she is ready to go into a proper bed.
I came home with some new bath sheets, hand towels and face cloths as ours are a little shabby now. The vets will benefit as they are always looking for blankets and towels to make use of.
I also bought some new cereal bowls in plain white. The Mr is very clumsy when he washes up so I have decided to replace stuff as needed with plain white so that it matches in colour at least....if not design.
There has just been time for a sit down and a cuppa and then I will be off out again to do the food shop as it hasn't been done yet.

Hubby and DD will be kicked out tomorrow morning to go looking at cars while I have a good clean round.....I've hardly done a thing this week with being out nearly every day but I have enjoyed the time spent with hubby.

DD will be here soon so I'll go and get ready.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. A gentle stroll?!! Last time I went I did nearly 20000 steps!! Sounds like you e had a good week X

  2. There will always be cleaning people are much more important. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  3. Hi Sheila, just been catching up with all your goings on. Your hubby sounds like Mark where DIY is concerned, but at least you got a new set of garden furniture from the misfortune. Carsington looks lovely, although I'm not sure I couldo 20,000 steps like Rachel did. Mark likes clay pigeon shooting. He used to go with his cousin but they go to an indoor shooting range now. He's booked clay pigeon when we go to Ireland, just to see if he can still do it. Love the sound of your American theme party, hope there's a picture or two you can show. xx

  4. A gentle stroll must have taken all day, the sheer size of the store is a bit of a marathon to walk around.


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