Friday, 12 August 2016


Today I had planned to get on with some of my unfinished sewing projects but hubby has put the kybosh on that....he wants to go for a ride out somewhere. I don't think he wants to go far but as he is nearing the end of his annual leave he just wants to be out and about. Also he will be in hospital all day on Monday and maybe even overnight so I think he wants to fill his lungs up with some good old fresh air.

The house is still clean and tidy so no mad Friday dash around today which makes a change and tonight we are having another simple tea of fish and salad so no major cooking.
It's given out some hot weather this weekend but even so I have promised a roast lamb dinner on Sunday to keep him going as he won't be able to eat again until after his op which could be any time on Monday depending where he is on the list.

Right I'll go and get changed and see where we end up today.
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  1. Hope you enjoyed your day out. Maybe Monday would be a good day to sew? It'll keep your mind off things and pass the time a little bit while you're waiting for hubby to have his op. You'll probably get loads done as well as the sewing because time always seems to slow down when you're waiting for important news doesn't it. Hope it all goes well for him. xx

  2. Hope all goes well for hubby on Monday. Jane xx

  3. Hope all goes well for Hubby on Monday, could be a good day for sewing as it will pass the time.


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