Sunday, 31 July 2016

Easy Like Sunday Morning!!!

It's a lovely morning here in Tea Towel land. Blue sky, fluffy white clouds and a lovely breeze keeping things cool for now....perfect.
I don't think we are going to be up to much today. DD is at work later until 3pm so we will have a later lunch. I must admit that I do prefer a later lunch but hubby is very old fashioned and likes his between 12 and 1pm. As you can imagine...he is not happy

We'll have coffee and read the papers when he gets back from town with them and then I'll prep the veg. Once that is done I'll do a bit more to my dress. the neckband is done so just the armholes and hem to do now. Not looking forward to the hem as it is a very flared dress so the hem is a long way round and has to be done by hand.....oh joy!!!

We had a quick visit from the London grandparents yesterday as we had to pass over the key for DS's house to them. It was so lovely to catch up for an hour or so. Pocket money for Ruby was handed over too as she is going back to London with them for the week. I will really miss her on Wednesday.

So sorry about the Bank Holiday mistake yesterday. When I looked at the calendar I didn't see the tiny little 's' in brackets. It might be time for me to be looking for a calendar in large

Well I hope you are having a lovely weekend whether you are at home or out and about.


  1. I had to check twice about the bank holiday. It will be a quiet week for you with no childminding duties. We have just had the works a roast Sunday lunch so all I want to do now is nap.

  2. We thought it was Bank Holiday tomorrow until we realised it was Scotland, so you're not alone. Sounds like you had a lovely Sunday and Ruby will be back for sleepovers before you know it :) xx


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