Thursday, 21 July 2016


It's a little cooler today thank goodness. Yesterday the heat was hot that the dress fabric that I washed by hand and pegged out on the line dripping wet was dry within fifteen minutes.
There was a shower of rain for about two minutes and that was our lot.

Today I am debating about cutting out my dress. On the one hand I would love to get it done but on the other hand I have to pattern match which I have never done before and I am so scared of ruining it as the fabric cost me £20. I know that isn't a lot in the great scheme of things but it is to me and besides which I really, really love it. I might see if I can find some tutorials on good old You Tube first.

Had a lovely couple of hours with Ruby yesterday. The first thing she always does when she gets in is off with the school uniform and into one of my t shirts. She has always done that but yesterday I was shocked to realise that where once my t shirts came down to her ankles they are now up to her knees. When did that happen?
She is so excited at the moment. One of DDIL's friends has asked Ruby to be a flower girl at her wedding in August and she is going to Manchester on a very posh shopping trip with a personal shopper to choose her dress. How exciting for a little girl who never thought she would get to be a bridesmaid. I am thrilled for her.

This lucky Momma has been invited out for tea tonight by DD so no cooking for me......yay. We don't want to go far so it will probably be Frankie and Benny's in the little town. It's one of my most favourite places. I love the atmosphere in there and the music......even though it's embarrassing knowing all the words to the 50's and 60's

I think I'll just have a quiet pottering round session today as there isn't much really needs doing. I'll be doing a clean up tomorrow ready for the weekend so I just need to throw the vacuum round to clean up Smudgies carrot mess. He's a mucky little tyke.

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  1. Its amazing how quickly they grow, she must be really excited to be a bridesmaid. What an experience to get your own personal shopper for the dress.

  2. Does Ruby not want to wear Ganmas' t shirt to the wedding then?! Oh you lucky thing...only ever been to Frankie and Bennys once up Uttoxeter way visiting sonshine...enjoy. x

  3. I've cut out my pattern, I've ironed the material. I've to lay it out and cut. Gulp. It'll be my first garment I've made for 100 years or so. It's flowery pattern so I'm hoping I can get away with not pattern matching. In preparation I have watched about 53 videos on you tube and read six of my books!


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