02 July 2016

Wonky Veg!!!

Just for a change I paid a visit to Asda last night. I very rarely shop there but I had been a couple of weeks earlier and bought some of their dry cure ham which was delicious and I wanted to get some more.
While I was there I picked up one of their Wonky Veg Boxes for £3.50 and up yonder are the contents.
The peppers are massive. One will be used to saute with some onions to go with chicken fajita wraps in the week and the other will be chopped into some salad. Not sure if the lettuce is romaine or chinese leaves but either is fine with me and it will make a lovely salad with the cucumber and spring onions with the addition of some other bits from the fridge. The cabbage and carrots will be used in a light vegetable soup along with some of the red onions.
The potatoes were boiled and hubby used some of them for his fried potatoes this morning. I tasted one and they were not very nice. No taste and a horrible texture so maybe they would have been better in the soup.
All in all though I am pretty pleased with it and will be looking to buy another box at some time.

I'm just about to go and have a shower and get ready to go and do my babysitting stint at DS's house. I'll probably be out until after midnight so hubby is coming down at tea time to fetch fish and chips for Ruby and ourselves. DD was coming down to me after work but has had an invite to go out so I will have to entertain myself once the girls are in bed. They have Sky TV so I'm sure there will be something I can find to watch.
Keeping an eye on the weather as I'd like to take the girls for a walk down to the park this afternoon but it's a bit drizzly here at home. You never know though....four miles can make all the difference and it may be quite nice in the little town.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Great bargain on the wonky veg, I have just checked the store list and they are mean't to do them here so I will take a look. x

  2. I have yet to spot one in Ipswich Asda, I might ask about them next time I'm there

  3. Sheila:

    Interesting to see the contents of a so called "Wonky Veg Box" - that would be considered "normal veg" where I live. I think your lettuce is Romaine and as you say will be delicious.

    Best wishes for a lovely day and enjoy those fish and chips, expect they will go down a treat.

    Take care.


  4. Yup, those are normal veg here in my part of Canada.

    Peppers, onions, carrots, etc all sold loose and buy the pound/kilo.

    You can buy prepacked "rainbow peppers" one red, green and yellow at a stupidly expensive price. Carrots even in the 2lb bag look like those. It's the prepared "baby" carrots that I refuse to buy at $1.99 a pound. Loose carrots are 88cents and the packed carrots are like 2lbs for $1.88. So I buy loose and ugly!

  5. Interesting that overseas commenters are surprised that we have to choose wonky veg! Proof our supermarkets are pandering to bonkers people!!!

  6. I generally get my veg from the local farm shop, or the car boot sale where a bargain can be bought as they are misshaped and not suitable for sending to the supermarket. I care about the taste not the way it looks. Hope you had a great time babysitting.

  7. Good heavens woman...have you gone nuts? If you eat any of that veg you're sure to go all wonky could be very careful!! x


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