Sunday, 3 July 2016


Thanks very much for the comments on my post yesterday. Especially overseas visitors who said that the veg was normal for them. I wish it was over here.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with a cucumber that is curved or an orange pepper that has a streak of green on it. I am questioning though what was wrong with the onions....they look the same as the ones I normally buy in a bag from T's and the spring onions had soil on them as did the washes off.
If I can get hold of one of the boxes every week I shall be a happy bunny sticking my fingers up to ramrod straight cucumbers and carrots washed within an inch of their lives.

I am sore this morning. I spent rather a long time sitting on the floor playing with the girls yesterday and my cocyx is screaming that I am too old to be doing that. Blow that for a game of soldiers....we had great fun. Ruby had hysterics when we played Pop Up Pirate and I screamed when the pirate popped out. She thought it was hilarious.
Very proud of Ruby who got a 3rd place rosette for her Elsa spoon. She was chuffed to bits.

Hubby and I are off out for lunch shortly which will hopefully be better than the fish and chips we had last night. They were disgusting. We used a chip shop we have never used before. The portions were obscenely huge and the food tasted of absolutely nothing....totally tasteless. Shan't be going there again. They obviously think quantity beats quality.

Well I had best go and get dressed. I am still in my pj's at 11:30am....whatever is the world coming to?

Hope the sun is shining for you today.


  1. Hear hear for veg box with their wonky veg :) Hope your meal was a little better than the last one you just described - urgh, nothing worse that tasteless fish and chips.

  2. Sounds like you had great fun with the children. Shame about the fish and chips.

  3. Hope your meal today was good...went out with youngest daughter for carvery at a local garden was spoiled by them probably putting wine in the gravy...just as well we had child sized portions. Nothing like homemade! X

  4. Ugh Jackie....I can't abide anything that has got wine in it. I must admit our meal was gorgeous. The pub is run by a local farmer who also has a farm shop on the site and everything is homemade. It's just a pity they don't know how to do roasties well-x-


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