30 July 2016

A Very Fruitful Shopping Trip!!!

Can you see my new tablecloth? Isn't it just adorable?
I have to say though that they (The Range) didn't have a lot of choice and of what they did have there was very little left on the rolls. I hope they are not stopping doing it as two metres cost me £7 and it's that for one metre on Derby market.
The diner style napkin dispenser is something I have wanted for ages and they had this with the barbecue accessories for £3.99 including the napkins plus packs of a hundred napkins for £1. Very chuffed to have found that.
On to Morrison's....bargain veg for Sunday dinner from the clearance section, chilli cheese sauce in a bottle which I have been looking everywhere for and a smoky barbecue sauce that tastes just like the one they use in Frankie and Benny's.
I was one very happy shopper last night and it made a lovely change from going to T***o as I usually do.

It's a lovely day today.....sunny and breezy. DD is at work and hubby is replacing the felt on his shed roof. I'm pottering about inside doing laundry and preparing things for tea as I am cooking two meals tonight......steak and chips for hubby and sausage meatball pasta for DD and I.

Stayed up until 2am to finish Season 3 of 24. It just gets better and better.

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.....I forgot about it being a bank holiday.
ETA......I am such a is Bank Holiday in Scotland.


  1. Hi Sheila! The table cloth is gorgeous! You'll be opening your own American style diner soon with your ingredients and accessories!

  2. Is it a bank holiday here in England I thought it as was just Scotland and Ireland, according to my calendar. Love the table cloth, a great pattern.

  3. What a lovely tablecloth. A brilliant buy. Jane xx

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