Sunday, 24 July 2016

Make Your Mind Up!!!

Looks like the weather can't decide what to do today. It's warm and the light is very bright but we have a lot of black clouds rolling over. I don't mind if it rains today.

The garden is looking a lot smarter. DD did a fantastic job yesterday. The buddleia is gone, the old peony is gone and the rose has been deadheaded and all the mad growth on it has been tied on to the old apricot tree. The red valerian which I love has had to come out of the small border as it had smothered other plants we had in there so we need to find some replacement plants now to fill in some gaps.

It couldn't have chosen a worse time to play silly beggars but our shower has just about had it. It's just about usable for now but we have had to call someone to come and look at it to either repair it or replace it. I think something has broken inside that makes the control knobs work as we can't switch it on and off inside the shower cubicle and we can't control the water temperature either so no cool showers at the moment.

Time for coffee and papers and then I'll go and prep the salad for lunch. I'll just set it all out on the worktop and we can just help ourselves when we're ready to kind of lunch.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


  1. We have the same problem with valerian. It is all over our neighbourhood and I love it but it does tend to take over the garden and I hate ripping things out. Hope you get your shower sorted. Jane xx

  2. I have quite a few plants that seem to be overtaking the garden , I really need o find the time to sort them out xxx


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