Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Bit Of A Whopper!!!

DD bought this cabbage home which was grown in the gardens where she works. It is absolutely massive. That is a dinner plate it is standing on. So I guess we have rather a lot of cabbage on the menu this week. We'll have some today with our lamb and some will get made into coleslaw for pack ups and I expect the rest will get used in meals throughout the week. It's a good job we love

Nothing very exciting here this weekend. It's drying up a little so if the rain stays away there is a possibility of getting out in the garden after lunch even if we just do some deadheading and a bit of trimming. The climbing rose has gone mad and needs some runners cutting off and the buddleia needs trimming back where it grows through the fence and interferes with getting into the car boot.

DD went out last night so we didn't get to watch any more 24. I found The Great Interior Design Challenge on You Tube and watched some of that. It's quite good although the presenters annoy me quite a I can't sit watching tv with hubby as he is a channel hopper. He'll start watching a programme and then change channels halfway through. It drives me mad.

I'm hoping for some decent weather in the week to wash the last two pairs of curtains and to get the back yard tidied up and swept. If not there other jobs wanting doing inside so I may get to tick some of those off the neverending list.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.



  1. That certainly was an impressive looking cabbage, I immediately thought bubble and squeak.

  2. I'm sure bubble and squeak will appear somewhere this week MM. Hubby loves it-x-

  3. google Lazy Man's Cabbage Rolls.

    Tasty and filling if you get a wet day.

  4. That really is a whopper. We love cabbage, chopped with butter and pepper. Yummy. Trouble with lists is they are never ending aren't they. I know for every job I cross off at least another 2 get added. Know what you mean about not settling down to sewing when there are things to do. Takes the enjoyment out of it at times. xx


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