Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A Puzzle Solved!!!

I did a couple of the four patch squares yesterday and I know now why my mojo has gone walkabout.........I don't like the white. I'll just have to get over it if I want to finish the quilt but I'm finding it quite stark. I think I must like more of a mish mash of patterns than too much plain.

On with house jobs this morning. There is a basket full of laundry wants doing, the kitchen window wants cleaning, the oven wants wiping out and the kitchen floor needs a good mop and everywhere needs another hoover as the dog has made mess with his carrot. Who knew that carrot crumbs could spread so far?

Tea tonight will have to be chicken strips and salad. It should have been homemade Chicken Parmegianna but guess who forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer.......that would be moi.....what a numpty. I had best leave myself a note to remember to phone and book a table for Sunday lunch else I will be in trouble. We are taking DS and family with us this week as I am overdue hosting a family lunch. So lunch at the pub and then home to ours for tea and cake and I won't be a melted mess all over the kitchen

Well that's my coffee break done so I'll go and get on with these jobs.

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  1. Those pesky never ending jobs. It's much the same in our house. There is always a basket full of laundry to be done and it's flapjack crumbs in this house, courtesy of Lily. It's definitely a good idea to go out for Sunday lunch. As you say it will save you getting frazzled and you can spend more time with the people that matter. X

  2. Shame you can't get on with the white as it really does look effective.

  3. I think the patchwork colours look lovely and I really like the design. I know what it's like when you don't like a colour you're working with, the enthusiasm wanes a little bit doesn't it. Lunch out followed by tea and cake back at yours sounds perfect. xx

  4. Love the colours of your patchwork! Can't to see it when you are through ♥

  5. When it all comes together it will look lovely I'm sure...Heidi makes carrot crumbs too! x


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