29 July 2016

Paying Out!!!

It's been a bit of an expensive week here at Tea Towel Mansion what with one thing or another.
Smudge has to have his drops and cream now for life to help with his eye problems. His cream costs £77 per tiny little tube and his drops £20 per bottle. The vet suggested we search online for the best price we could get and he would write a repeat prescription for us to order them. He charged an eyewatering £25 for the prescription but the cream was ordered for just over £25 and the drops were £9.99 so a pretty good saving.
Yesterday DD went out early morning for work to find she had a flat tyre and had to go to work in hubby's van while he took her car off to be seen to. That resulted in two new front tyres £140.
........and this morning the shower has been replaced in the bathroom to the tune of £280.
Luckily we don't have many weeks like it.

Tonight I will be going into the big town as I need to go to The Range to buy a replacement tablecloth. I have the heavy duty wipeable cloths and Miss Doodle has picked a hole in my current one. It's not expensive from The Range and they have some beautiful designs. I just hope they have one I like as I spend a lot of time sitting at the dining table either on the computer, crafting or sewing.
I'll also call in to Morrison's to do my top up shop to save having to make another trip to Tesco.

Not sure what we have going on this weekend. Hubby is now on annual leave and it will depend on what he wants to do.

Hope you all have a fab weekend.


  1. It sounds like one of those weeks, where all the bills accumulate all at once. Hop you find the replacement tablecloth you have in mind.

  2. Oh My goodness. Weeks like that make me hyperventilate! At least you have a nice new shower. I hope your find your perfect tablecloth. Jane xx

  3. Those dreaded words! Annual Leave !! I'm s urge you'll have a fab time - I already know you got a pretty tablecloth!! ( reading backwards! )

  4. Dread weeks like that, where you just seem to be handing money over left right and centre. They don't happen often here thankfully, but when they do we certainly do it in style! xx


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