Saturday, 16 July 2016

Baking Day!!!

Today I will be mostly in the kitchen baking up a storm for when DS and family come back to our house for cake and tea after lunch tomorrow. There will be more than can be eaten but that means that there will be some to put into boxes for them to take home and some to keep here for lunch boxes.

I thought we were supposed to be having nice weather this weekend but this morning is very grey and still and not looking good at all. I hope it stays dry long enough for hubby to mow the lawns.

When I wrote my post yesterday I had not heard the news about the dreadful events in Nice. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this heartbreaking tragedy.

Thank you for visiting today.


  1. Not baking here this week end, although I should but we have 7 guests arriving for holiday and I just want to be baking for everyone not even bread, I would be tied to kitchen none stop would rather spend some time with my visitors :-)

  2. It'll smell gorgeous in your house xx Lucky visitors. Turned out rather nice and sunny here today. Line dried bedding for me tonight!

  3. Whilst we were sadly lacking in the Sun department I am pleased to say we didn't get rain.


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