Monday, 25 July 2016

Sports Day!!!

I'm off to watch Little Miss Doodle in her sports day this morning. It's late this year. She breaks up for Summer holidays tomorrow.
The first day of her holiday is Ganma club and an added bonus of a sleepover.....hopefully the first of many in the next few weeks.

I actually made a start on my dress yesterday. It's not perfect as I think maybe the fabric design wasn't quite right for the pattern I have used. Never's only for wearing around the house anyway.

Hubby has been up and down all night with a bad stomach so he is still in bed. I've just taken him a cup of tea up and he seems OK....just tired now.

DDIL and Marlowe have just arrived so that she can have her breakfast before we set off. I'm hoping to sneak in a cuddle before we go as she is very smiley this morning.

I'll have to catch up with everybody when I get back so bye for now.


  1. Have a wonderful time at the sports day, always such a lovely event.

  2. Hope you enjoyed the sports day and the weather was good. It's been dry here and cooler than the past few days so perfect for little bodies running around the field. I always worry when it's really hot and they have them sat outside for ages in the sun.

    School holidays seem to be all over the place this year. Even our local ones have all finished at different times. Lots of sleepovers sounds fun. We're having Sienna again this Thursday. Can't wait. xx


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