Friday, 1 July 2016

Who's That Bird?!!!

From where I sit in the dining room, whether I am sewing or using the computer, I look down over my neighbours front gardens to a small wood at the bottom of our road. I have been seeing a bird flying about the trees but I can't make out what it is as I never have my glasses on when it makes it's appearance. It's larger and a little more chunky than a sparrowhawk but not as big as a buzzard. It seems to have a yellow/tawny colour to it and I usually see it between early and mid morning. It's driving me nuts not knowing what it is and you can bet your bottom dollar that if I do have my glasses on it doesn't appear.

I can feel stirrings of my sewing mojo returning but I'm not going to start today as I like to have a good few days in front of me when I have something I want to finish and I won't be at home for long tomorrow due to babysitting duties, we are out Sunday for lunch and then will probably go for a walk as it's just me and hubby, Monday will be a busy day catching up on housework and Tuesday I have an early morning drop off of the grandchildren with Ruby to get ready for school. Grandad will drop her off and then I have Marlowe until Daddy finishes work at about 12:30pm. So....I need to nurture this little stirring until Wednesday morning and then sewing I

Today will be a 'three kicks at the pantry door' kind of day for tea. Hubby has decided he wants faggots....yuck.....and DD and I will probably have either a bit of salad with something or a sandwich when we get back from town. I need to go to Lidl and stock up on some of the American food they have in this week such as the Monterey Jack cheese slices. I prefer the Pepper Jack but they never seem to have that. I also need maple syrup and some of the American pancakes which Ruby loves for breakfast and their sweet potatoes are 59p a kilo this week so I'll pick some of those up too.

I'm just waiting for hubby to get up so that I can run the hoover round down here so I'll have me coffee and a mooch on You Tube as all the tidying has been done, pots are washed and hubby's work clothes are in the washing machine so there's not much else to do.

Black clouds and drizzly rain here so I hope your weather is better today.
Have a fab weekend.


  1. Overcast but no rain yet. Time will tell, I am hoping for some better weather as my eldest daughter and the two boys are visiting this weekend.

  2. You really are an organised soul! I have my training man coming later so will go for a dog walk then have a flit around with a floor cloth...he arrives in a suit for heavens sake!! x


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