Thursday, 30 June 2016

Well.....That Was Scary!!!

The rain poured steadily all morning and early afternoon yesterday but then the wind got up and the rain became a monsoon like monster. I have never seen anything quite like it and I know that because in all of our twenty years here I have never seen our back garden flooded. Waterlogged...yes but There must have been a good three inches of water laying on the path and part of the lawn. I would have gone out and got a photo but I would have been battered by the stair rods that were coming down.
Once the rain stopped it drained away quite quickly and then we got some sunshine and a beautiful double rainbow......although it was only a partial one.
We're supposed to get more of the same today so the dining room curtains can stay where they are for the moment.

When I went to do a top up shop yesterday evening I was a bit naughty and purchased a quilting magazine....Love Patchwork & Quilting. It had a fabulous little book with it of 50 block designs using 5" charm squares and I can't wait to try some of them even though my mojo is still in hiding.
No yellow sticker bargains to be had in the meat or veg sections but I did pick up a couple of loaves of hubbys favourite super thick bread for toast at 25p each and three packs of rolls for 33p each. All in the freezer now.

Does anyone else go through stages of disliking particular rooms in their house. At the moment I am on a huge downer with my kitchen and would desperately love to redesign and refit it. I shouldn't dislike it as I designed it myself, hubby and I fit it ourselves and then I did all the tiling and decorating myself but I suppose that was nineteen years ago and it is looking shabby now. The storage doesn't work for me any more and I never seem to have enough worktop space. If I won the lottery I would love a 1950's diner style kitchen........that would be my dream.
Which is your least favourite room and what would you do with it if you could change anything you liked?

The dark clouds are starting to roll in now so it looks like another indoor day today.
Not much cooking to do as hubby has asked for sausage and tomatoes for tea with a few chips and he has already peeled the potatoes for me when he got in from his night shift this morning. He hates me peeling potatoes because I don't use a potato peeler I use a knife. He thinks I peel them too thickly but in all honesty I don't. In fact I can peel them thinner than he does. It's all in his

Well I shall love you and leave you and go and do a bit of tidying up and wash my breakfast pots, have my coffee and then decide what I shall do for the rest of the day.
Bye for now.


  1. I would change the bathroom. Its looking a little dated but not in a good way.

  2. The bathroom is second on my list MM-x-

  3. We have yet to start on the house and it will be an all over revamp when we do, in the meantime its livable and fit for purpose

  4. Although I do not hate it I would redo the kitchen, would begin by pushing one of the walls out 4' and incorporating the utility area. I love the diner look and would love red or turquoise and silver. Even better if the Fonze was around every now and then.

  5. I should plan a whopping load of indoor jobs to do...that should make the sun shine...wouldn't change any room at Little Winter...just get them finished! x

  6. Sheila:

    Goodness me your weather is awful. In the past when my mum was still alive we came home to visit her and family in September and were always lucky with the weather. Surely this must be one of the worst summers on record?

    "what would you do if you could change anything you liked?" - I'd have all the carpets ripped up and replaced with hardwood flooring.

    Take care.


  7. Still think Patchwork and Quilting is the best magazine for quilters but I am having a magazine drought just nowas they seem to get opened but never read. I would change our living room and bedroom back to carpets but with hard floors amd new skirting boards a few years ago, Idon't think DH is keen! Catriona

  8. I'm laughing as my HG complains about me using a knife to peel the spuds rather than the peelers. Everytime I use a peeler, I peel my skin or my nail!! I would change my hallway - I'd get it decorated!!! It's plaster walls at the minute


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