Saturday, 11 June 2016

.....And The Rains Came!!!

......and boy did it rain.
It started very gently with showers after tea time and then got a bit heavier. In the middle of the night I was considering building a was thrashing it down very hard but by the time I got up this morning all the paths and the back yard were if it had never been.
At least the gardens have had a good drink and my brave little peony flower is still standing.

I am determined to finish the quilt top today. I did pin another row on yesterday but I hadn't the energy to get the machine out and start sewing. I couldn't really tell you what I did all day I just felt a bit dozy like I was coming down with a migraine but luckily I didn't. Slept like a log.....apart from being woken by the rain and feel much better this morning.

No housework list this morning as I am pretty much up to date on everything and we are just having a Ploughmans salad for our evening meal.
Sunday lunch will have to be a homemade one this week as we won't be able to get out to the pub. Our main road is being closed off for something called Ironman. I am extremely annoyed that they do this. I am sure they could find alternative routes for this to take place which wouldn't inconvenience hundreds of people.

Moan I will go and wash the breakfast pots, tidy the table and crack on with me sewing.

Hope the rain keeps off for you all.


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  1. I am certainly not ahead with housework but still sewed for the afternoon. I did get all the ironing done and made an impossible quiche for dinner with a pile of salad. I am happy to tell you that I have lost half a stone over this week. I am looking forward to seeing your quilt.


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