Monday, 6 June 2016

Too Hot To Trot!!!

Thank you for all your comments on my last post.

Yesterday I woke up and thought we'd gone back to January. Today I was hot and bothered before I even got up. wonder our colds are still hanging about.
I am keeping myself prepared for any eventuality and have a hot water bottle and a cooling spray on standby.

Not a lot on the job list this morning just the usual tidy up, feed hubby before he goes to work, griddle some chicken to have cold for tea with salad, bake some baguettes and a cake then the rest of the day is my own until I have to serve up tea. I also need to nip to T's tonight to stock up on salad as I am running low. We are eating quite a lot of it at the moment and will do for some time now....if I have my way.

I was hoping to have Doodle this weekend coming but they are off down to London and doing something the weekend after so I won't get to have her until the last weekend of June. I'll only see her for a couple of hours each Wednesday until then so we will have to make the most of that.

I'm just debating whether or not to take down the dining room curtains and put them in the wash or should I leave it until tomorrow. Decisions, decisions.......what an exciting life I do

Hope the weather is good where you are.


  1. Chores still need to be done whatever the weather. It's really warm here and I've spent half the morning cleaning the oven! At least there are no worries about getting the washing dried. X

  2. Its finally picking up a little but not what I would call really warm.

  3. I feel quite guilty at droning on about the glorious sun that we are enjoying in Wales. I fully expect it to start to rain and not remember how to stop at any time. In fact as the levels in my water butts are dropping dramatically my fingers are twitching towards crossing.

  4. It's been scorching here for 8 days now! It rained about ten warm drops on Sunday teatime n that's it!

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