Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Stay Right Where You Are........!!!

.......I'm talking to the sun and the breeze that is currently blowing quite nicely as I have woken up in quite the opposite state to what I did yesterday and have a mind to finally tackle the washing of the dining room curtains.
You may think huh what a wimp having to work herself up to wash a pair of curtains but actually the dining room is a bit like a solid roofed conservatory and is windows on three sides so I have three pairs of curtains to wash which I am going wash one pair at a time so I don't get them all mixed up.......they are all different widths. This will be their first time of being washed since I made them so I hope to gawd they don't shrink too much.
While they are down I will wash the windows and frames.

It's not very peaceful here this morning. Someone is sawing and using an electric screwdriver which is making a horrible whining noise. Hopefully they will be done soon.

Time for coffee and then I have a list of phonecalls I need to make.
Hope you are having a good day.


  1. I agree, finally we have a nice bit of sun and a slight breeze perfection! Good luck with the curtains.

  2. I trust the curtains are washable material? Perhaps unlined or with detachable linings? I hope they don't shrink!
    Margaret P

  3. Hello lovely, I'm glad someone's got the sun, it's very soggy up North. But stayed fine this morning which is good as I was one of three adults who took 21 children to try Crown Green Bowling! Loved it. Wasn't brill at it but had done 10000 steps by lunch!

  4. Sheila:

    Do hope you were successful washing your dining room curtains and they are back where they belong smelling fresh and clean.

    I usually have a cup of coffee around 11:00 am but otherwise my drink of choice is tea. Any tea drinkers in your home?


  5. I hope the weather stayed good to dry your curtains today. We never seem to have a full dry day at the moment do we. Jane xx


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